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Alex Boye
Alex Boye

University of Cape Coast

Dr. Alex Boye (BSc, Mphil., Ph.D.) is a natural product scientist, pharmacologist, and Science reader. Dr. Boye has a multi-disciplinary biomedical background spanning Biological Sciences, Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Cancer Biology. Research and Teaching have been his preoccupation for the past eight years at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana and Anhui Medical University, China. Since 2011, Dr. Boye has taught undergraduate students who major in: nursing, human biology, biomedical science, and medical laboratory science. Some of the courses taught by Dr. Boye include Human Physiology, Pharmacology, Drug Metabolism & Toxicology, and Medical Genetics. At the postgraduate level, Dr. Boye has taught courses such as Advanced Pharmacology, Advanced toxicology, and Drug target identification

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